The Economy Is Sal’s Focus

The State of Oregon is on a razor’s edge. The policies and actions of our current State Legislature are not sustainable.

We will need Sal to be there when unemployment starts to rise and there is not enough state revenue to pay for education, public safety and helping people when things get tough.

We will need him to fight for less bureaucracy and allow clean industries to bring real jobs to the people of Southern Oregon.

Crime & Drugs

Sal has always advocated and supported funding State Police. We need him to continue in the fight for stable funding.

Health Care

Sal wants to bring common sense to health care. He believes everyone needs insurance but the current system is imploding. Choices are decreasing and the cost of insurance is growing beyond what working people can afford.


Sal believes kindergarten through college funding is the vital foundation of our State. The Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) is devastating the ability to get money to the classroom. It will be hard but we need to prioritize spending, keep the promise we made and solve the problem.


Sal is a long time member of the Medford Senior Center Board, worked to obtain Senior Center funding, and helped save Project Independence. Government needs to stop over reaching, live within its means and be effective and accountable.


Government needs to stop over reaching, live within its means, and be effective and accountable.