Regular Session 2016 - The Short and the Long of It!


This week opened with a bang!  Sen. Prozanski had SB 1551 which would have allowed government to remove guns from your home if someone else turned you in as being mentally unstable.   There was a great deal of alarm and concern, emails and letters and phone calls - and the Senator dropped the bill for this session.  I am sure it will be back in 2017 - but perhaps refined some.


In 2010 when Oregonians voted to change the Constitution and begin to have annual sessions, the change was sold to them that the "short session" in even numbered years would be used to correct any issues that may have risen from legislation passed in the previous session.  Well, as time drew close it was understood that policy bills would be presented.


And policy bills there are - Increasing the Minimum Wage, Cap and Trade - Clean Fuels Bill, Gun Restriction, Landlord Tenant Act. Each of these issues would be difficult enough in a Regular five month session - but to deal with them in a five week session has been labeled as "an abuse of power".  The party in charge has enough votes to literally push issues through the Legislature.  Our government, which is supposed to work for the betterment of all Oregonians, should not be run this way. 


Keep an eye out - contact me with any concerns and if you wish to participate or perhaps follow a particular piece of proposed legislation you can sign on at .