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May 29, 2015
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HB 3555 


 Early discussion on the House Floor - 2015 

Rep Carl Wilson  on HB 3555 - Keeping the Kicker 


Rep Mike McLane  on HB 3555 - Keeping the Kicker 


Impeachment Bill Clears House 


Yesterday in House Business and Labor I sat in awe as the discussion regarding the decibels of hand dryers in bathrooms 

swirled around the heads of eleven elected officials.  I am still wondering what in the world we are doing here when this type 

of legislation is more important than K-12 Education budgets, Transportation Packages, reasonable and sensible enforceable 

gun legislation (instead of SB941) and important discussions regarding budgets of State agencies such as ODF&W and 

Parks & Recreation for starters.  I won't even get into the conversation we should all be having regarding DHS, Oregon 

Trail Cards, Teachers Standard and Practices and a multitude of other topics. .


SB 488  Establishes uniform standards for hand dryers installed in public restrooms, including standards that impose 
limit on decibel level of operating hand dryer.


I probably do not need to say anything more regarding this type of legislation - 




As you are probably aware from earlier posts this week, Rep Tobias Read and Rep Kathleen Taylor introduced a bill HB 3555
which would entitle the Legislature to overrule your vote on the kicker.  To be honest with you I find this despicable - although 
it certainly was predictable.  

This biennium Oregon had over two billion ($2 Billion) more in the budget than was there last biennium.  Yes that is $2 Billion 
with a B!!  Yet the Democrats chose to cut K-12 budgets, pass a Clean Air Act which basically accomplishes nothing and brings 
no income into the state, pass bills that will in the end cost businesses in this state and you more of your hard earned money - AND 
then they have the unmitigated gall to move to change the Constitution without your input.  You, as Oregonians, voted to disperse 
the kicker when available - back to the tax payers.  This party in charge wants everything you have and your kicker.

Perhaps you would like to send an email or call their office - links are above.    

Committees continue with  heavy Informational Hearings on topics of discussion.  Education time for Representatives! 

Please note that we have tried to "link" information for your convenience.  Just click on the blue underlined portions of the topic.  


You can go here:  Live Feed of House Session And watch the video of the Floor Session if you wish.  Floor Sessions begin 

about 10:30 or 11:00 every weekday - we are just beginning to have two floor sessions a day - time to finish up the work.   



Elections matter!!  



    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 


Looking to be Involved?


If you have watched the opening ceremonies for the House of Representatives you probably have noticed that the audio is turned OFF during the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why is this?  Asking the Speaker of the House that question would be an excellent phone call to make 503-986-1200.




Please feel free to forward my emails to friends and family - ask them to sign up for the newsletters.

Since the beginning of Session there have been four bills in particular which have been passed that concern me greatly.:

HB2007  - Makes imposition of disciplinary action against employee that inquires about or discloses wage information unlawful employment practice.
HB2177 -  Directs Department of Transportation to provide Secretary of State with electronic records containing legal name, age, residence and citizenship information and electronic signature of each person who may qualify as elector as prescribed by secretary by rule.
SB324 - Relating to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels; and declaring an emergency.
SB941 - Requires private person to complete transfer of firearm by appearing with transferee before gun dealer to request criminal background check or shipping or delivering firearm to gun dealer in certain circumstances.

If you follow the money on these four pieces of NEW legislation I believe you will understand my concern.  




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