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April 30, 2015
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 Early discussion on the House Floor - 2015 

If you have watched the opening ceremonies for the House of Representatives you probably have noticed that the speakers are turned OFF during the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why is this?  Asking the Speaker of the House that question would be an excellent phone call to make 503-986-1200





Rep. Jennifer Williamson stated this morning that confidentiality is very important when it comes to our medical information - and the medical information of young adults and children. 


Confidentiality plays an important part in life - 

not just in our medical information.


The assumptions the Democrats make regarding what people will or will not do is simply amazing - in fact it leaves me awestruck.  They assume you will not go to the doctor because you may get a letter in the mail regarding test results or an explanation of benefits (EOB). 


I believe this bill addresses abortion for underage persons - but it is about more than abortions.  What about the child who takes a bad fall during sporting activities.  The parents and the coach can be excluded from the medical decision -


I am so sick of the drama on the floor - the overplaying on the information presented - and oh my when they disagree with a minority report they go all out.  Williamson knows what is best for your child - again - SHE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CHILD!.


The party in charge must go home at night and suffer from complete conflict.  

Yes - you as a parent can be involved in the assessment of your students in their education; 

No - you may not be involved in health choices your child makes regarding their physical being.  

 No -  you cannot get a tan in a tanning booth if you are under the age of 18 even WITH your parent's consent - but

  Yes - you can go to the doctor and request treatment and your parents (whose insurance is covering the treatment) without your parents ever being notified as to WHAT the child was treated for.  No - you cannot send an aspirin to school with a child but that same child can go to the doctor and you will get a bill - but not know what the visit was for.


The majority party seems to think that young people would not go to the doctor because the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) gets mailed to the primary insurance carrier.  Really - so now our young people are stupid! 


Statements on the House Floor indicated this legislation is to help protect young people who may be in an abusive situation.  Those individuals already have the right to ask that their information not be sent out other than to parties the abused individual confirms.  Federal law protects individuals in abusive situations.  No circumstances under federal law where a victim of abuse requests will the EOB be mailed without approval of the abused individual. 


 This bill is not about protecting individuals from abuse - they are already protected by Federal law.  This bill is about allowing medical treatment to minors without parental consent - up to an including abortions. They claim this bill helps protect the privacy of a young adult - be the medical attention minor or serious. 


As a parent are you willing to pay a bill that arrives at your home without an explanation - this type of legislation wastes time, money and truly just plain lacks common sense. 


One more chip at the structure - one more "let me take care of you because you are not capable of doing it yourself" - one more move toward socialism. 



SB 941 


We have received more than 4000 emails and over 300 phone calls in the office regarding the extended background check bill SB 941.  Of those emails - about .01% or 40 of the emails are asking for a YES vote - and of the phone calls to date there have been five asking for a Yes vote.  My position is well known on SB 941 - I am a No vote and will remain that way throughout the process. 


SB941 will be on the House Floor for a vote of the House on Monday, May 4.  At present the House is set to convene at 11:00 on Monday.  Please tune in if you are interested in watching - it should be a great show!  You can go here:  Live Feed of House Session And watch the proceedings.  




Elections matter!!  



    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 







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