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April 21, 2015
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 Early discussion on the House Floor - 2015 




Dear Friends:



Changing the Oregon Horizon For Years to Come



It isn't just one thing or one other thing - it is all of them put together that will eat away at the very essence of Oregon. 


Monday in the Business and Labor Committee we had 13 bills to consider.  I voted NO twelve (12) times - twelve!  All twelve bills were passed out of committee on a straight party line vote - no compromise, no consideration - just passed on a party line basis. The bills against doing business in this state are so oppressive it is depressing.  What are these individuals and groups thinking?  


Perhaps individually they each have a good idea - but bring them all together and Oregon will soon look like a dust bowl from 1930. The proposed legislation this session dealing with doing business in Oregon are blatantly anti-business.   Please take a moment and click on this link as it is important for you to understand the volume and the intensity of which business in Oregon is being attacked.


     Business Agenda 


As a member of the minority party I can only hope that the twelve bills I voted No on Monday will disappear down the trail of no return in the Rules Committee.  However I fear that these bills and many more pieces of proposed legislation will flow from these halls this year - changing Oregon forever. 


If our small businesses close and our businesses that employ hundreds choose to relocate because of the overwhelming unnecessary demands on business, Oregon's economy suffers; Oregon's families suffer; Oregon's education system (which ranks 41st in the nation!) will continue to suffer. 


I firmly believe that proposed legislation needs to take into consideration the "what then" question.  Are we making laws for today or tomorrow?  Are we truly considering what effect these anti-business bills will have for generations to come?  Apparently the majority party is only concerned about how they look today!



In Agriculture and Natural Resources we saw some potentially good legislation die because agreements could not be reached by all parties involved.  Many times compromise is extremely important but it does not always work that way.  This committee has worked very hard and been quite successful in passing out legislation that came through on a non-partisan basis.  This committee is a breath of fresh air and I thank Chair Brad Witt for his hard and conscientious work.


We have dealt with many very emotional issues in this committee.  Protocol and decorum have reigned through cougars, wolves, pesticides, aerial spraying, sage grouse and other controversial topics. But doing what is right is not also predominating during legislative sessions.  Bills that had good promise and promises from counterparts were killed today because the majority party determined they could.  I was sorry to see several of the bills regarding predators die in committee but they will be back again in February, I am sure.  Good legislation often takes more time than one thinks.


Elections matter!!  


Here is a link to a recent article regarding Civics in our schools. Governing


    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 


Tomorrow - Wednesday - April 22, 2015
is D Day for SB 941.  

The bill will be heard in the Rules Committee
from 1:00 - 5:30 p.m. and ongoing from 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. 
Sen Prozanski did not allow all to testify who came to the Senate hearings.   Rep Hoyle has been asked to hear ALL testimony - not just that of people who favor gun control.  

You can watch the hearings here:  Look for Judiciary Committee

SB941  Requires private person to complete transfer of firearm by appearing with transferee before gun dealer to request criminal background check or shipping or delivering firearm to gun dealer in certain circumstances. 
I am a NO vote on this bill.  Your phone calls are appreciated and I ask that you call the individuals of the majority party who serve on the Rules Committee.
That Committee will address this bill on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.  You can still call and make your point of view known.     Call today. 






Thank you for taking the time to be interested and concerned about Oregon. 

Sal Esquivel
Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel
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