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April 2, 2015
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 Early discussion on the House Floor - 2015 




Dear Friends:


You know I approach each new session with a clear mind and a strong heart ready to withstand whatever comes down the pike regarding proposed legislation. I have done so with this session and continue to do so - but Oh my heavens!!


The attack on business is very intense this session. I am not sure where it is coming from or what the ultimate goal is, but the attack is definitely present. In my previous newsletters I have addressed many of the pending issues that are business related and will continue to send you updates.


The last few meeting in the Business and Labor Committee we have been faced with proposed legislation that is very destructive to business in general. Many of the issues tend to focus on small business - but today we listened as union representatives thoroughly beat up large corporations. I am not sure there is even a happy medium anywhere in the process.


Perhaps the best way for me to help you understand what is happening is to have you watch the videos from the meetings. No one seems to be happy with having a job, getting paid, having health insurance and paid sick leave, flex time - the list just goes on.


Last week we were fortunate enough to send the Cease and Desist  - HB 2386- back to committee. So the bill was voted out of committee on a partisan vote, came to the floor and after much debate was sent back to committee. This is usually a good sign as bills returned to committee will often then go to the Rules Committee to die - however in this atmosphere we are not counting on anything and will continue to watch that bill carefully.


We also learned last week from Senate President Peter Courtney that the $15 Minimum Wage Bill will not be brought forth. That is a very positive sign for businesses and for the Oregon and Oregonians. We are watching the fallout in Seattle from this across the board increase and it is not productive. Very seldom does it work to change just one aspect of something as complicated as the economy and have it be successful.


I will continue to keep you informed on bills pertaining to business as well as others as we move through the session.




Here is a link to a recent article regarding Civics in our schools. Governing


    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 



Agriculture and Natural Resources

This past week we have listened to hours of testimony on the proper use of herbicides - a very important topic for Oregon.  Aerial spraying has been a major focus in the presentations the committee has listened to.  It is so important for each committee to have informational sessions regarding complicated and intricate subjects such as herbicides and the use thereof. 
The committee meeting on Thursday last week became very heated and intense but Rep Witt, Chair of the Committee, handles the situation very diplomatically.  Many subjects we deal with are very emotional for some residents - our intention is to hear as much testimony as we possible can - not excluding anyone - but there is protocol for testifying and things go much smoother when that protocol is adhered to. 

The big news for Veterans this week is that HB 2892 - the POW/MIA Flag Bill passed the House of Representatives by unanimous vote.  The bill proceeds to the Senate Veterans Committee and we will keep close track!



We had a very successful Town Hall on Friday March 27.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to be able to discuss what is happening here in Salem during Session.  Thank you all for coming out! 



Thank you for taking the time to be interested and concerned about Oregon. 

Sal Esquivel
Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel
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