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March 19, 2015
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 Early discussion on the House Floor - 2015 

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Dear All:


I was going to write a little article on what I see happening regarding "Doing Business in Oregon - Today's Business Climate"  Instead I decided just to list the ways business is being corralled during this Legislative Session. 

HB 2386  Authorizes Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to issue temporary cease and desist order under certain circumstances.

HB 2387  Authorizes Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to administratively compel provision of bond by certain employers.

HB2007  Makes imposition of disciplinary action against employee that inquires about or discloses wage information unlawful employment practice  Passed the House 34-24

HB 2006  Makes practice of paying employees of opposite sex who hold equivalent jobs at different wage rates unlawful employment practice

HB 2005  Requires all employers to implement paid sick time for employees.

HB 2542  Includes accrued paid vacation and personal business leave in definition of "compensation" for purposes of wage claims.

HB 2685  Prohibits discrimination in employment on basis of familial status of employee.

HB 2960  Creates Oregon Retirement Savings Board in office of State Treasurer.

HB 3164  Specifies conditions under which farm implement supplier has good cause to terminate, cancel or not renew retailer agreement, or to change retailer's competitive circumstances

HB 3137  Creates unlawful employment practice of requiring employee to create, file or sign documents containing false information related to hours worked or compensation received by employee or retaliating against employee for refusal to do so

HB 3097  Makes inquiring after applicant's conviction history and certain activities related to conducting criminal records check on prospective employee unlawful employment practice.


This is a sampling of the proposed legislation we have dealt with just in Business and Labor.  Please take a few minutes and check out some of this information.  If you click on the link it will take you directly to the bill in OLIS and you can see where the bill is today in the process. 


Thank you - each of you for being involved.  


Here is a link to a recent article regarding Civics in our schools. Governing


    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 



Agriculture and Natural Resources

Do you remember the articles and news releases dealing with the monies from the Salmon License Plate account which was not spent appropriately? Well HB3333 will correct that unfortunate situation.  
Requires that portion of surcharge moneys from salmon registration plate program directed to fund controlled by Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board be used only for projects to protect or restore native salmon habitat or to remove artificial obstructions to native salmon migration.

There are several bills which we will hear regarding Sage Grouse.  As you may be aware, the Federal Government is considering listing the Sage Grouse as an endangered species.  I am proud to say that Oregon is seriously working hard to keep that from happening by moving towards an overall program whereby the habitat for the Sage Grouse can be refurbished for the future of the species.  HB 3334 is just one of the bills we will hear on this subject. 
Business and Labor

This Wednesday in Business and Labor we discussed the bill HB2386 which I brought to your attention last week. I truly have serous concerns regarding legislation that gives any one person this much control. If you own a business or work for one I hope you will take the time to read this proposed legislation and ask yourself what happens when.  This type of legislation should be considered carefully.   

Authorizes Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to issue temporary cease and desist order under certain circumstances.  If you would like to watch the video from this committee meeting, you will find it here.    Video HB 2386  



Thank you for taking the time to be interested and concerned about Oregon. 

Sal Esquivel
Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel
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