District 6 February 25, 2015
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 Early discussion on the House Floor - 2015 
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Even with the change in leadership here at the Capitol, the fast pace continues.  Gov. Brown has moved precisely and quickly to be at the helm after the resignation of John Kitzhaber.  Her HB2177 (fondly referred to as the Motor Voter bill) is a top priority for the Governor!  I have very strong feelings regarding the repercussions of such legislation.  Why are we forcing registration?  Who will actually be registering?  Why will individuals have to "opt out" of what is a right  - if I want to register, I can; if I want to vote, I can - but should I have to Opt Out?  I do not believe so! Freedom is choice - not opting out!

This morning in the Statesman Journal I read with some dismay the article regarding SB442 - the controversial bill regarding vaccination of children in Oregon. " Senator Monnes Anderson has cancelled a March 9 informational meeting because she felt the first public hearing , on Feb 18, provided enough information"  It seems she did not want to hear from Andrew Wakefield, the scientist who, in 1998, reported that vaccine research is linked to measles, mumps, rubella - resulting in autism.  I may not agree with the concept but find it interesting that the Senator would choose to control the process if she cannot control the message.  

The  Floor Sessions appear to be running smoothly - legislation is blasting through like water from a fire hose!  It has appeared that to some degree the debate on the floor is being limited when controversial subjects arise. Objections in the form of"is this Germaine to the bill" seem to be offered more often than in previous sessions.  Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions?
Business and Labor

So many of the bills we are hearing in Business and Labor approach anti-Business and pro labor status.  Limiting the number of hours an employee can work, allowing flex time for employees, paid sick leave, and we have the ever looming $15 an hour minimum wage.  It is a known fact that small businesses across the United States help promote economical development - I believe we, as a Legislature, need to approach these issues with caution and concern for those businesses.  

Agriculture and Natural Resource

Fascinating testimony today in Agriculture and Natural Resources.  There are three bills before the committee - HB 2808HB 2997, and HB 2998.  All three deal with the removal of Juniper from eastern Oregon lands, the rehabilitation of the habitat for prairie grouse, deer and elk and the use of the juniper in businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Not often enough do we see proposed legislation that fulfills a 
complete circle - but these bills do and many of us are very excited about the removal of a species which was originally indigenous to the high ridges but has - overtime - spread to cover over ten million acres; rehabilitation of habitat and promotion of economic development.  This proposed legislation is a win-win!! 

Veterans and Emergency Preparedness

As I have stated before, this is the least controversial committee in which I participate.  We are working on proposed legislation that will allow more access to medical assistance, better delivery and usage of medical services by women veterans, Every committee member is fully aware of how important our veterans are to this state and the nation.  It is a pleasure to work with them.

Coming next week Veterans Committee will hear a bill regarding the flying of the MIA/POW Flag.  This proposed legislation was brought to me by Hugh Crawford of Central Point and he has worked with veteran groups across the state for support for this bill.  Should be a very interesting hearing.
Thank you for taking the time to be interested and concerned about Oregon. 

Sal Esquivel
Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel
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