February 19, 2015

Business and Labor


HB 2005 has taken up the majority of the hearing time this week in Business and labor.  We had a joint evening meeting on Monday.  Most of the testimony was in favor of Paid Sick Leave - however we heard some very compelling testimony from John Lenz - Jasper's CafĂ© - from Medford and other small business owner's as well.  My personal fear is that we do not have the sheer numbers to defeat this type of overbearing legislation.  This is legislation that will drive some small businesses out of business, reduce the numbers of jobs in our state - there are a myriad of reasons to not enforce this type of law - but I do not believe that the majority party hears much beyond the "I want to help people" call. 


Veterans and Emergency Preparedness


This Committee is one of the easiest committees on which I serve - as that everyone is in favor of Veterans.  We seldom have controversial discussions in this committee and it is a pleasure to work with all the committee members. 


This week we have spent a great deal of time on Emergency Preparedness.  This is a fascinating subject - many ideas and concepts of what will happen in case of an earthquake or other emergency that will affect our state.  We worked on proposed legislation which would allow broadcasters into declared emergency areas for the purpose of covering the incidents. We had broadcasters here in the building - Bill Meyer, Lars Larson and others who were set up for live interviews from the Capitol. 


Agriculture and Natural Resources


My personal experience thus far is that for the most part, the committee members leave their party lines outside the door and we work as a cohesive unit on discussing and inquiring about the subject matter.  The topics vary greatly.  This week we have discussed ban on lead and the ever controversial hunting cougar with dogs.  You can always tune in and watch here:  Video for Committees and Floor Sessions


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I look forward to your calls and emails - we will do our best to send you alerts whenever we can - come on up and visit us here in your Capitol. 








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