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February 12, 2016
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HB 4094 

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HB 4040 

 HB 4032

HJR 202 

Second week of Short Session brings Minimum Wage ,Wolf Delisting, Marijuana and More

Just a reminder that the short session was originally agreed to as a time to make corrections in legislation and in budget.  
Small Business 
Second Week - Second Guessing

It is truly hard to figure out what will come next.  So much of what is proposed is truly beyond conceptual thought.

This week in Business and Labor we have dealt with Minimum Wage.  HB 4054 was referred to the Rules Committee without courtesy votes from the Republicans on the committee. 
We also worked on HB 4094 which "Exempts financial institutions that provide financial services to marijuana related businesses, researchers and laboratories from any criminal law of this state that has element that may be proven by substantiating that person provides financial services to person who lawfully possesses, delivers or manufactures marijuana or marijuana derived products." 
Since Oregon passed the issue of legalizing marijuana there needs to be a system in place to handle the currency.  I didn't vote for the law and I don't necessarily agree - but once a law it is my duty to adhere to it and do what is necessary to allow it to happen. 


Ag and Natural Resource brought us Wolf Delisting and an increase in damages allowed for taking or killing wildlife unlawfully.  HB 4046 will be on the Floor for a vote this next week. 
HB4040 - tagged as the wolf delisting bill - has caused quite a stir. Below you will find an information sheet as to what the bill does and doesn't do. 
HB 4040-A
House Ag & Natural Resources
Wolf Delist bill
HB 4040-A is simply a confirmation of the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan: Phase 2.
Phase 2 of the Wolf Plan calls for wolf management to delist when the state has four breeding pairs of wolves for three consecutive years. We are now at over ten breeding pairs.
HB 4040-A does not allow public hunting of wolves. There will be no hunting permits issued and the penalties for poaching any wolf will remain a felony.
HB 4040-A contains no language that precludes or prevents judicial review.  It ratifies and approves the decision by ODFW Commission in 2015 to remove Canis lupus (grey wolf) from state list of threatened and endangered species.
HB 4040-A will not prevent ODFW Commission from making necessary adjustments to the Oregon wolf management plan. The -1 provides direction to consider re-listing if needed.
It is time for Oregon to allow ODFW to implement the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan as it was intended.
                           Please support HB 4040-A
HB 4040-A passed through the House this morning with a 33/23 vote.

Veterans is a favorite committee because it is not bi-partisan.  This committee truly can work towards a consensus on issues regarding our veterans.  It is a pleasure to participate in this Committee.

Come Monday morning in Business and Labor - 8:30 in Hearing Room C:

SB 1532 A-which "Establishes tiered system for determination of minimum wage based on geographical location of employer."

This is the bill from the Governor which passed through the Senate on Thursday after eight (8) hours of debate and several attempts by the Republican Caucus to remove the bill from the floor - to no avail.

The Republicans worked hard to stop it - now it is your turn.  That bill will be on the House Monday a.m. at 8:30 in Business and labor.  The Committee Chair - Rep. Paul Holvey will push very hard- and has seven votes to five to move this bill out of committee to the floor for a vote. 

There are Democrats who might decide to do what is right and vote against that bill - but they need your help to be strong and reliable.  Make some phone calls - explain the dangers - tell them about your businesses - We can win this one - the bill will go to the floor - I am reasonably sure.  But we need about six votes from the Democrats on a floor vote to stop this in its tracks.
For the sake of our state we need to stop this bill.  It will be devastating to our rural communities. 
Make phone calls and send emails -

The time to get involved in your political process is NOW.  I have attached a list of the individuals who serve on the Business and Labor Committee; https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Committees/HBL/Overview

the Governor's office (this needs to be a main target) http://www.oregon.gov/gov/Pages/contact.aspx

and a link which gives you access to telephone numbers and emails of all Legislators. https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/house/Pages/RepresentativesDemocrats.aspx

Your Republican Legislators will stand as a unit against the passage of this minimum wage mandate - however the majority party outnumbers us.  

HB 4147 - Rep Jennifer Williamson's bill regarding authorization for the purchase of a gun had a worksession on Thursday and passed from the Judiciary Committee 5-4.  The AYE votes need a phone call and or an email.  

Here is a link so you can follow this bill as it makes its way through the House - you can see who voted for and against.  HB 4147

Oregon, My Oregon the hits just keep on coming - I fear the state I have loved for so long is disintegrating before my very eyes.  Your vote counts - elections matter!! 

Please note that we have tried to "link" information for your convenience.  Just click on the blue underlined portions of the topic.  

You can go here:  Live Feed of House Session And watch the video of the Floor Session if you wish.  Floor Sessions begin 
about 10:30 or 11:00 every weekday - we are just beginning to have two floor sessions a day - time to finish up the work.   

Elections matter!!  

    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 

Looking to be Involved?

If you have watched the opening ceremonies for the House of Representatives you probably have noticed that the audio is turned OFF during the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why is this?  Asking the Speaker of the House that question would be an excellent phone call to make 503-986-1200. - or perhaps the Chief Clerk of the House 503-986-1870.

Please feel free to forward my emails to friends and family - ask them to sign up for the newsletters.

If you follow the money in the legislature I believe you will understand my concern.  




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