February 5, 2015

A Glimpse of What is to Come!


This first week passed quickly.  We dove right into Committee Meetings and Floor Sessions - working bills in Committees and hearing many first readings on the Floor.


I believe this session will be a bit of "Fast and Furious" Oregon Legislature style. There are many topics which the majority party want to address and they have begun with Clean Fuel proposals, $15 an hour minimum wage and paid sick leave.  Before the session even began approximately forty tax bills were filed - so our work is cut out for us. 


I am encouraged as I have presented several of my proposals to other legislators and am receiving bi-partisan support - so not all is doom and gloom.  This truly is a process of working together - building trust and relationships across the aisle.  We are all Oregonians and truly want what we believe to be best.  


You will find a link at the bottom of the page that will take you to OLIS - which can lead you to bills you may be interested in, contact information for all the Representatives and Senators etc.  Please make yourself familiar with this interactive page.  You can also watch the House and the Senate in action from this site.  


We have months to go before we begin to see results but it is good to be involved.  I hope you will stay tuned and email or call when you have a concern.  Come testify too!!  We love to see people from home. 


Check out OLIS - Oregon Legislative Information System  

Sal C Esquivel

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