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February 5, 2016
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HB 4094 

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HB 4040 

 HB 4032

HJR 202 

First week of Short Session brings Minimum Wage, Familial Status, Wolf Delisting, Marijuana and More
Small Business 
First Week is Fraught with Issues

Below you will find a link to some of the bills I dealt with this week in our first week of session.  I am sure that you remember that when Oregonians approved the "Short Session" for even numbered years that the session was to be used to "tweak" the budget if necessary and to also make any corrections or additions to legislation passed in the previous session.

We arrived here the February 1, 2016, knowing full well that this session is filled with major policy issues.  Most of these issues would be hard to work through in a normal five to six month session - much less in 35 days.  The agenda is set, the trains are rolling and for the most part we, as the minority party, were not allowed a ticket on the train.

  • Exempts financial institutions that provide financial services to marijuana related businesses, researchers and laboratories from any criminal law of this state that has element that may be proven by substantiating that person provides financial services to person who lawfully possesses, delivers or manufactures marijuana or marijuana derived products.
Familial Status  HB 4088
  • Prohibits discrimination in employment on basis of familial status of employee.
Not everything is negative - Veteran Benefits  HJR 202 Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to require certain percentages of lottery revenues to be expended for benefit of veterans.

 Wolf Delisting HB 4040 completes a program designed to rebuild the wolf population here in Oregon.

HB 4032  Small Business  Would Require Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to make available, in electronic format, bureau publications free of charge to Oregon employers. Presently the information from BOLI required by businesses in the state can only access the information in written format for a fee.  This bill would make the information available on line.  The bill had a hearing - but will not receive a work session so has died in committee. 

In other committees members dealt with HB 4147  - Prohibits transfer of firearm by dealer or private party if Department of State Police is unable to determine whether recipient is qualified to receive firearm.  This hearing took place Thursday afternoon - you can check it out here:  Judiciary

Please stay tuned in - this Short Session will be rapid fire and not necessarily constructive.  

Oregon, My Oregon the hits just keep on coming - I fear the state I have loved for so long is disintegrating before my very eyes.  Your vote counts - elections matter!! 

Please note that we have tried to "link" information for your convenience.  Just click on the blue underlined portions of the topic.  

You can go here:  Live Feed of House Session And watch the video of the Floor Session if you wish.  Floor Sessions begin 
about 10:30 or 11:00 every weekday - we are just beginning to have two floor sessions a day - time to finish up the work.   

Elections matter!!  

    Just observing - do you watch the Floor Sessions? 

Looking to be Involved?

If you have watched the opening ceremonies for the House of Representatives you probably have noticed that the audio is turned OFF during the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why is this?  Asking the Speaker of the House that question would be an excellent phone call to make 503-986-1200. - or perhaps the Chief Clerk of the House 503-986-1870.

Please feel free to forward my emails to friends and family - ask them to sign up for the newsletters.

If you follow the money in the legislature I believe you will understand my concern.  




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