January 15, 2015

HB 2177 - Kate Brown's Motor Voter Legislation


This Legislative Session will truly be "Fast and Furious" Oregon Style -


HB 2177  will be on the House Floor very shortly.  It was passed through Rules yesterday on a vote of 5-4.  Please read the bill and then call or email all the House Representatives - each of them will vote on this legislation - and encourage them to carefully consider the outcome of this type of mandate.  Contact the Representatives


We received an email from a concerned constituent and he stated his concerns extremely well.  ". There is something dreadfully wrong about this wrong headed legislation. When I was attending Hubbard Grade School a long time ago, we were schooled in Civics that it was our responsibility as a citizen to register to vote and then to vote. To me, that is the very basic responsibility of a citizen."


It is our choice as an American citizen to register to vote - we should not have to OPT OUT - we should be able to choose to register. This change in the system would be mandated to register.  


Thank you for taking the time to consider this legislation and notify the elected officials on your wishes.  







Sal C Esquivel


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