Second -  Second Amendment Response 

Most of you are probably aware that at this date we have received in my office well over 4000 emails regarding our Second Amendment rights and the protection thereof.  I appreciate hearing from each one of you and I can only hope that those elected officials who are sponsoring the proposed legislation which would infringe our Second Amendment rights are receiving twice as many emails.

Cards and letters and emails make an impression so do not hesitate to continue to be diligent regarding this issue and others.  In particular, if we are not able to protect our Second Amendment rights then we will have no others.  Protecting our civil liberties has perhaps never been more important than it is today. 

As a lifetime member of NRA, a member of the Oregon Hunter’s Association and Oregon Outdoor Council, a setting member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Executive Council and Co-chair of the Oregon Sportsmen’s Caucus you can gather quickly where I stand when it comes to our right to bear arms. I have said that I fought for this nation once and I will do it again if it becomes necessary.

Our forefathers were wise and sincere individuals and they understood what needed to be done and what needed to be protected.  We cannot, under any circumstances, give up our Second Amendment rights.  Each day it seems our civil liberties are pushed a little further, a bit carved off here and there – if we are not astute and diligent and persistent, our civil liberties will continue to be whittled away and we will be looking over our shoulders wondering what ever happened.

I know that some of you may have had specific questions regarding specific bills. Because of the quantity we have received I am finding it necessary to answer you via email without perhaps, addressing your specific question.   I have included a list below of the firearm bills.  If you utilize our new system OLIS you will be able to read each one of the bills – not ALL of them are Anti-gun – and determine the appropriate action.  Please contact the appropriate sponsors and supporters regarding the individual firearm issues

As you may well know, nothing is over until the last gavel drops.  I can say with some certainty that I do not believe the anti-gun bills will move through this Legislature – however I believe we need to keep the cards and letters and emails coming so that one of these pieces of infringement doesn’t make it through the process.